Psalm 100:5  

For the Lord is good.  His unfailing love continues forever, and his faithfulness continues to each generation.

Silent, Boomers, X, Gen Y, Millennium–if these words make sense to you it’s because you have been exposed to the ubiquitous dialog about society and their age sector and how they impact one another.  From those individual words you can identify a fairly clear outline of the personality traits, desires and characteristics of a person assuming you know their age.

What I find really cool is that talking about generations has been in vogue for thousands of years.  You see that theme strung throughout the Bible.  It’s repeated in both the Old and New Testaments.  There is this constant thread that holds together the past with the current and you know something is going to happen in the future that will connect as well.  It’s all because it has happened like that time after time, century after century, decade after decade.

I love looking at the oldest family photos we have in our own archives.  I see the eyes of someone I know and love today in the face of a person from 100 years ago who I didn’t know at all.  Yet, we are connected.  They had the same kind of faith that I have.  We probably celebrated it differently, but at the core, I believe what my great,great,great,great grandparents believed.   Think about how amazing that really is.

One of the building blocks of my faith has been how tons of things come and go through the years.  But,  there are a few that flow from generation to generation.  You can probably count that on two hands at most.  The Bible is one of those things.  Seriously, how can you question a book that historians know for certain was “pressed” out in in the 1400s?  Certainly there are debates about what one passage or another really means and translations have been adjusted, but there are key elements that haven’t changed for at least 600 years.  Generations have passed along their beliefs and traditions for thousands of years and they’ve stuck.

That means the message about God’s faithfulness has to be true.  We have yet to see a version of the Bible that tells a story where God wasn’t faithful. Oops,  He really wasn’t there.  All things didn’t work for good.  It’s been a lie all these years and we managed to keep it going for hundreds of years.  It’s in our nature to seek the truth.  If God wasn’t faithful then by now one of the generations would have stood up and said it, but they can’t because God has been faithful…to all generations.

I need to remember that.  I need to recall that God is mega-big compared to me.  My problems, issues, fears, shortcomings and more are in the hands of God who has outlasted every kind of fad or trend ever imaginable.  He’s not God 2.0.  He doesn’t have features that are only available on certain models.  There isn’t a better version of Him coming out in January.  He has been the same…to all generations.  And loved us in spite of ourselves.  I’m talking to myself a bit right now.  Maybe I’m talking to you too, but this reminder is definitely for me.  In my weakest moments I need to remember He has been faithful to each and every generation.  He will be faithful to me too.

Psalm 102: 12  But you O Lord, will rule forever.  Your fame will endure to every generation.


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