When Depression Comes Life A Thief


It wasn’t the best weekend.  It was long and while most people are coveting the extra time for fun and frolic I’m wondering when it will be over so I can be back to business without too much time on my hands.  That’s what depression can do to you.  It robs and steals from you.  It’s a thief.  It takes away pleasures that should be yours.  It uses your moments of peace and quiet to manipulate your mind into thinking lies about yourself.

Knowing I can be a victim I look for alternatives that soothe my spirit and make the thief surrender.  One solution for me has been reading Psalms.  They are truly works of literary art.  They tell stories from the past that are incredibly relevant to modern day life.  They are filled with nature, majesty, beauty, passion and love.  They talk about things I feel today connecting me to someone who lived thousands of years ago.  We have so much in common yet we are so far apart.

I began to read Psalm 107 and I listen to the people talking about wandering, being lost, being homeless, hungry and thirsty.  They were gloomy and miserable feeling like prisoners in chains.  They got into situations that tossed them around and made them feel uncertain and unsafe.  They were oppressed, in trouble and felt great sorrow.   Really?  This isn’t now?  It’s got to be now.  I hear stories like this all the time. Sometimes I’m the one doing the talking.

But it isn’t now.  It was generations ago.  It is all historically factual.  Each time the people got into trouble they started crying out to God to save them and help them.  These were people who never listened to what they were told to do.  Yet when they got into trouble they ran to the only person they knew who could save them.  Over and over again, God’s faithfulness returned.  This led the author of Psalm 107 to write, “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever!”  I must remember that.

In the final words of this Psalm we are told if we are wise we will take this to heart- history will show the faithful love of the Lord.

One of my all time favorite quotes is, “When satan comes to knock on the door of your heart, send Jesus to answer it!”  Well I liken depression to satan.  When it’s trying to steal from me I try to remember to call upon our very faithful Father in Heaven whose love endures forever.  He was with the people thousands of years ago and He is with you and me now.   And I am comforted.



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