When the cards you are dealt make you want to fold


I started out ready to write about something completely different.  As I opened up the silver box and got my fingers ready to tap I remembered I haven’t read my Psalm for the day.  I decided that I needed to do that first  (I’ve been working hard at starting my day with God first and it’s been a challenge).  I came to Psalm 109 and it spoke to me.  I’ve struggled with a number of issues, this year particularly, due to a job loss.  I have friends dealing with financial troubles,  the loss of loved ones and dealing with way too many to seem possible health issues.  As I read parts of Psalm 109 I felt an energy to deal with it all.   I decided maybe someone out there, who might stumble across this blog, needs a lift too.

In the Psalm when I read about “them” or “those who attack me” I associate that with my issue “du jour”.  I’m not making light of that.  There’s just so much going on and I have definitely felt the pressure.  Sometimes I feel so complicated and tightly wound. I just want to literally unwind the springs that are restricting me to breathe and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me.  I admit it’s hard. Even for a person with faith in Jesus.  I do find comfort in the writings of the Psalms.  They help me put it all into perspective.  Some days it’s easier than others of course. But there is one repeated sentiment  in the Psalms over and over and over…God’s unfailing love…for us all.

So this is God’s blessing for you today-

Psalm 109: 21-23

But deal well with me, O Sovereign Lord, for the sake of your own reputation!  (Now that’s a sales pitch if I ever heard one)  Rescue me because you are so faithful and good.  For I am poor and needy (I’ve lost a job, a friend, a spouse, I have cancer, a blood clot, my body aches, I’m anxious, I’m depressed, I’m lonely, I’m…) and my heart is full of pain.  I am fading like a shadow at dusk; I am falling like a grasshopper that is brushed aside.


Help me, O Lord my God!  Save me because of your UNFAILING LOVE.  Let them ( loss, cancer, anxiousness, depression…) see that this is your doing, that you yourself have done it Lord.  Then let them curse me if they like , but you will bless me!  When they attack me, they will be disgraced!  But I, your servant, will go right on rejoicing!


But I will give repeated thanks to the Lord, praising him to everyone.  For he stands by the needy ready to save those who condemn them.

Lord, today help us to remember your UNFAILING love and give us strength to face the “thems”, “those who attack” , the curses and the pressures to give in to the lies that surround us.



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