So what does God look like to you?


When I think about who God is I typically start out with a visual of his physical presence.  I think it probably helps tell the story for me as I’m a visual thinker.   Let’s acknowledge that God says early on that no one can see His face and live.  Still…I make a visual connection- maybe so I’m not always talking to thin air.  Often, for me, God seems to be large in scale with tendrils of white hair falling carelessly over broad shoulders and surrounding his chin up to his ears.  He’s definitely aged with lines of experience scoring His complexion.  Of course you have the long robes that flow freely as He moves about or makes a thunderous command.  He is strong and manly yet his eyes reveal love and perfect fatherliness.  

 Some of you might think of God as an unassuming small man with white hair and dark black round glasses thanks to a movie years ago featuring George Burns as God.  There’s the Morgan Freeman version with rich, deep voice and sly cat smile.  Great sense of humor He must have.  He could be like Yoda I suppose- though I think I’ll be disappointed to find that out.   Of course Moses saw Him in completely non-human form as a burning bush.  That brings us back to not even really being able to see him.   We know we are made in His likeness, but I guess that could mean from a spiritual sense vs. physical form.  

As I was reading through Psalms it struck me that we have very clear images of who God is and what He looks like.  The drawings are with words instead of pictures though.  In reading through this poetry we read He is merciful, a good protector, just, fair, eternally loving, compassionate, righteous, a shield, rock, awesome, strong, a shelter, fortress, savior, shepherd, light, nurse, helper, refuge, most high and salvation.

Hmm, do I really need a physical image of God?  I’d much rather know He is all the things above as they make me feel safe, loved and not forgotten.  One day I will understand what God looks like or I won’t even care.  The important part is knowing He is there and knowing He loves us so much He sent His son, Jesus, to live on earth and die to save us all from our sins.

If He ends up looking like Yoda, that’s completely o.k. by me.  I kind of think the answer is going to be I won’t care though.



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