Every day of our lives is recorded in Your book…


I still can’t make sense of the tragic incident in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary, but now I’ve had a little more time to process the situation.  Actually, I know I’ll never be able to make sense out of what happened as it makes completely no sense.  

However, there is something that does make sense.  I know how deeply God loves His children.  I know the story of how Jesus wept upon learning about the death of a loved one.  I believe He wept again on Friday.  

I began to reflect on one of my favorite Psalms, one that I’ve referenced before: Psalm 139. The Lord knows everything about us.  He knows when we sit and when we rise. Every moment He knows where we are.  He knows what we are going to say before we say it. He places a hand of blessing on our heads.  If we go up to the heaven,  He is there.  Even in darkness we cannot hide from Him.

He knit us together inside of our mothers.  He watched us being formed.  He saw us before we were born.  He recorded every day of our lives in His book.  Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.    His thoughts of us are innumerable.  The fact is, we are His.  Each one of us is on this earth for an unknown number of days.  Each of us has a purpose.  Some make it much longer than others.  We don’t know why.  God does though.

God will be able to do something with Sandy Hook that not a one of us can.  He will make something good come out of this horrific experience.  His grace will pour over His people.  It will not hurt less.  It will not be understandable.  There will be anger and pain.  That is our humanness.  God will bring together family members who have been split apart.  He will reignite relationships that have nearly burned out.  God will make someone unexpectedly do a great kindness that helps people beyond measure.  God will do something that is positive because we know in ALL things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Difficult times are ahead as well.  For those who don’t know Jesus Christ as their Savior they will find these times even more trying.  Some people may draw apart instead of together.  They need our love and prayers. Death is never easy under any circumstance.  We must not judge how it is handled.  It is an ending, and when we love so deeply we also feel enormous pain from the loss.  God doesn’t take away the pain, but He walks with us through it.  For those who believe we know that we ultimately rest in comfort in God’s loving arms.   I pray 26 people are there now and they are rejoicing in the presence of their Lord.  

This doesn’t address why God allows things like this to happen.  It is a question that can’t be answered.  For me I have to remind myself that life on this earth is not the end all-be all. That awaits for me in Heaven.  

I continue to pray for Sandy Hook, the families and community.  My heart continues to ache.  However, my faith in our Father is also certain and I trust Him.   Please continue to pray that people are healed and not separated but joined in faith and love.



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