We begin to die as soon as our lives begin

We begin to die as soon as our lives begin

This is a bit of a mind bender for me.  When I came across the quote that follows it struck me in a way that I haven’t been able to forget about it.  That’s unusual in these days where I can’t seem to remember where I last placed my keys, my shoes, my glasses or remember my passwords.

“How is it that the Eternal should make so much of mortal man, who begins to die as soon as he begins to live?

The quote is attributed to Charles Haddon Spurgeon.  I read it in relation to Psalm 144.  Bless the Lord, who is my rock.  He gives me strength for war and skill for battle.  He is my loving ally and my fortress, my tower of safety, my deliverer.  He stands before me a shield, and I take refuge in him.  He subdues the nations under me.

Wow.  Those are metaphors of enormous strength, power and protection.  I think it’s saying that God is totally AWEsome; there is nothing like Him, AND yet, He is really there watching out for us.  With His power and might why does He care to think about each and every one of us?

The Psalm continues-  we are like a breath of air; our days are like a passing shadow.   Here’s the connection with Spurgeon’s quote. We begin to die as soon as our lives begin.  We don’t know how long we have on this earth.  That’s obvious from daily current events that share heartbreaking stories of lives gone too soon.

How does it all affect me? I think I need to start asking what I should be doing today that reflects God’s will for me.  I guess the step before that is to allow God’s will to breathe in me.   I’ve always been one who wanted the obvious message from God.  I wanted and angel to be in my face redirecting me, or God to post a giant billboard that gave me specific direction.  It hasn’t happened that way.  In fact, I’ve probably wasted time waiting for those monumental alerts.  I’m going to  pray to notice the small signs, openings, feelings that might be a gentle nudging from Heaven.

One of my favorite sentiments from John Baille says, “Let not the noises of the world ever so confuse me that I cannot hear You speak.  Suffer me never to deceive myself as to the meaning of Your commands and in all ways let me obey your will.

We begin to die as soon as our lives begin.  I don’t have time to be bothered by noise.  None of us do.  Time is ticking away.  What have I done for Him lately?


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