Just for Today


This message was originally posted by LCC Daily Devotion <devotion@lutheranchurchcharities.org>

I wanted to share it with you…just for today.

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalms 118:24

Take a moment and ask yourself, ‘Is this how I live?’ If not, make some changes! Just for today, I will enjoy each moment to the fullest and try not to tackle my whole life’s problems at once. Just for today, I will try to improve my mind by learning more than I know; I will read God’s Word faithfully for it is my source of wisdom and strength. I will be particularly sensitive to those Scriptures that require personal obedience, corrective action, and greater commitment. Just for today, I will be agreeable, try to look my best and make sure my words are ‘seasoned with grace.’ Just for today, I will not find fault or try to change or improve anyone – except myself. Just for today, I will have a plan and a goal. I might not follow them exactly but I will have them nonetheless. By doing that I will save myself from two enemies – hurry and indecision! Just today, I will develop my character. I will do someone a good turn and keep it secret; if anyone finds out it will not count. Just for today, I will do something I don’t naturally want to do, thereby train my spirit to rule my flesh and my will to rule my emotions. Just for today, I will not be afraid to love or to risk; I will take steps of faith that stretch me beyond my present comfort level, try to enjoy all God’s blessings, and believe that every seed I sow in His Kingdom will be multiplied back to me many times over. This is how I will live – just for today!




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