Thank you for your patience, Lord


ImageThank you, God, for being patient with me.  

Thank you for allowing me to experience the struggles and challenges I’ve learned so much from.  Thank you for being at the end of the rope and where the light shone through the end of the dark tunnel to embrace me when I got there.  

Thank you for pushing me to trust you more as I tried to trust in so many other things that fell short.  Thank you for the grace to let me make mistakes, sometimes over and over again, and sticking with me while I became wiser.

Thank you for not laughing at me  as I tried to run my life my way thinking I had things under control when I was in the center of a storm.  Thank you for the times you’ve nudged me to feel remorse and apologize for my actions that hurt someone else’s feelings- even when my pride pushed back so hard.

Thank you for not abandoning me when I abandoned others during their time of need that I didn’t recognize because I was selfishly focused on myself.   Thank you for faithfully coming through to meet my financial needs even as I walk by people who could benefit from the dollar or two I have in my pocket.

Thank you, Lord, for the hurts and pains that have molded me to being the woman of faith that I am.  For without those moments I may truly feel I am invincible and self-sufficient.

Thank you for being patient with me through the doubts and triumphs of faith, through the fears of being forgotten, through the difficult lessons I am destined to learn.  I have plenty to be thankful for that makes my life more comfortable.  I forget that I have plenty to be thankful for because of the discomfort in my life as well.  

Thank you for being patient with me…Lord.  


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