Wisdom and Courage



This morning I woke with two thoughts on my mind and they were each unique and pretty clear.  When I’ve got any positive thought on my mind as I wake, and can remember it minutes later, it’s pretty miraculous so I feel compelled to share.  

Their ideas relate, but then again they are both independent strong messages.  I’ve decided to write about each in two separate blog entries so as not to dilute the importance of either.

From time to time I’ve mentioned having struggles over the past several years.  To be honest, I’ve struggled throughout my adult life.  I’m hyper-sensitive which has many benefits and equally as many disadvantages.

An episode in my life about seven years ago was a major wake up call for me.  I didn’t know what to do with the changes that were upon me and I was lost and scared.  Among everyone’s very well meaning and often excellent advice, my dad shared a very simple prayer that resurfaced for me again- seven years later. It had been lost in the cobwebs of my brain and somehow broke loose today.  It’s not going to knock your socks off and make you say, WOW!  However, through its simplicity it demonstrates a true faith in God and His power and love.  It focuses on two characteristics I love: wisdom and courage.

God, I pray you will give me the wisdom to recognize the doors you are opening for me in my life and will then give me the courage to walk through them. Amen.

You might be asking, that’s it?  To which I will respond, that’s it.  It is short and doesn’t dwell, but to me it’s strong.   It shows extreme faith in God providing a door to walk through. It asks for discernment between the doors in my life that may be opening but are not God’s will, and it acknowledges that God has the ability to give me courage and will give me the courage I need. 

When my dad shared this thought with me it rolled off his tongue as though he had put no effort into thinking about it.  That made me appreciate the wonder of his strong faith even more.  I said it often seven years ago.  It then trailed away unfortunately.  Today it resurfaced.  It’s simplicity is powerful to me.  I hope you will see that too.


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