Seeds of Faith



God’s plan may not be fulfilled in our lifetime.

That statement has been on my mind since I heard it days ago.  You see, I have this image in my mind that God has big, big plans for me.  I’ve been waiting for that plan to unfold for years.  I’m going to do something big and magnificent that is going to change the face of the world.  I might win a Nobel Peace Prize in fact because this “thing” is going to be amazing and awesome.  Fame.  A written book.  Chatting with Jimmy Fallon and the President at some special soiree in my honor.  Maybe I’ll get a beautiful gold medallion with color ribbon attached to it and sit with other truly brilliant people at the Kennedy Center for my honors.  

Something tells me it isn’t going down that way.  I’m not sure God uses people in magnificent ways that are planning the after-celebration celebration to advance His plans on earth.  

In fact, when I go back through the Bible it is very clear that God often uses the least to get the most.  It’s my understanding that Moses had some sort of speech impediment, David’s first stellar act was as a young, unkonwn shepherd boy against a horrific giant, Rahab was a prostitute, Mary an innocent teenager and so on.  

Importantly, if you read through the lengthy lineage of Jesus Christ in the Bible (Luke) you see that it took 77 generations for God to work His way to the birth of our Lord and Savior.

My father has compiled extensive research about our ancestors who came from Germany.  I believe we can go back into the early 1800s.  Years ago I was going through old photos and found a family of young women. The photo featured my great-grandmother and her sisters.    They looked almost identical though they spanned a number of years in age.  It suddenly dawned on me my oldest niece, born 100 years later, looked exactly like the sisters in the photo.  It was uncanny.   That illustrated for me how connected to the past we truly are.   God’s plan lined up a great-great grandmother, great- grandmother, grandmother and then mother to get to my niece.   Now she has children of her own.

Each member of those five generations has been faithful to God.  I have to believe the five generations before that were equally faithful and going back further I would find the same.

Not a single name of any of the women from whom I came, or my niece, for that matter, is a name you would recognize.  That I know of none had a special ceremony in their honor for some life-altering feat.  However, knowing myself, my sisters, my nieces and now my daughter, I can tell these were strong and faithful women.   No matter the circumstance, each of them planted a seed of faith that turned into a sprout that grew to drop more seeds for planting, sprouting and maturing.  In small ways they touched each other’s lives and their effort has been kept alive to this very day.  Their seeds of faith didn’t just touch the next in line though.  They took root and branched out to touch many lives who touched many more lives…to this day.

God does not seem to have an epic plan for most of us.   He drops us like seeds along the trail of His purpose for taking root and growing in our faith and reaching out to others.  He may be saying, you write Psalmgirl,  I have a life for you to touch with my word and that’s the most important thing I need you to do for me—because, it’s not about you…it’s about ME.

In my lifetime I probably will not see how God is using me.  Perhaps 100 years from now when someone makes a connection back they will say, I am faithful today because my great-great grandmother planted her own seeds of faith.

That’s the best honor I can imagine.  I’m totally o.k. getting my reward in Heaven.



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  1. The third paragraph really touched me.
    About a year ago I had an amazing feeling that God wanted me to go and be bold. Do something about what I have seen in the world which makes me feel passionate about change.
    I know I’m missing the point of the whole entry but this paragraph alone gave me new strength.

    • Sorry ended comment half way though….
      You see. I have trouble talking to people. I’m shy and I have few friends. I have problems with anxiety and I am not a model human being, no one is. I have been thinking… I may only be at the begginning of my journey but how will god use me?… I question it a lot and I need that extra reminder that what god has planned is fixed. (even if not how I expect it). Thanks for the reminder. 😉

  2. I’m glad you shared. I have shy moments too. That’s probably why I like to write. We all have a connection though. I guess if God accomplished His work through the bold it would not be nearly as effective. We never know how He is using us. I appreciate your words because I am encouraged by them. Thank you.

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