I’m voting for Jesus

I’m voting for Jesus

This has been an amazing election season to be witness to.  No one could have anticipated the current results for either political party in the U.S.  This period of time is bound to be discussed and debated as a pivotal moment in modern politics.  And, I haven’t the foggiest idea who I will be voting for.

I’m not a hardcore Republican nor Democrat. Both sides have principals I believe in and both sides have ideas that go against my grain.  I took an online quiz, answered a bunch of questions, and learned that there were two candidates that  most closely matched my political points of view.  One was Democrat and the other Republican.

Influential people on the same side of a platform also aren’t in agreement with each other which tends to confuse me more.  As  I listen to commentary from both parties I find I’m still without a clear vision as to my candidate.

I’ve heard people who are passionate Americans say they just aren’t going to vote this time.  I’ve watched antics played out by MOST candidates running for office though it’s pretty clear the right side is a more interesting spectacle to watch than the left side.  At least for now.

I hear words that each candidate says and have to note those words are often misinterpreted by the press, the opposing party, opposing candidate, celebrities, political activists, associates and so on.  I’m constantly talking to my radio, tv screen or lap top saying, now wait a minute, I don’t think that’s exactly what person x,y or z said.  No one answers back, thankfully.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 5.12.46 PMI don’t know if there’s every been another time in history where the political process has been so divisive.  Of course, we weren’t around when the Declaration of Independence was drawn up- nor the Constitution.  Much to my high school history teacher’s dismay, I pretty much relate those moments to singing and dancing characters in the musical 1776- which may not have been too far from reality.  There were definitely people loved and hated at that time. Some went on to be our country’s President at a future point.

I find it ironic this process is  being managed in the media  like a reality t.v. show- since one of the candidates  was a reality t.v. star and gets criticized for that. I guess it’s more exciting for people to watch when the participants are making ludicrous accusations, creating volatile situations, and drama.  Will the media ever catch the candidates saying something that is positive in an effort to help us make our decisions? Sadly, American citizens have proven to love watching these theatrics and I can only imagine what is being said in the conference rooms of major media outlets like Fox TV and CNN in terms of talking about ways to spur it  on.  One of the candidates seemed to get it from the beginning.   The others finally caught up.

I’m struggling with the kingpins on the right trying to manipulate election results by deciding for themselves what is good for America.  Are the votes of the people who have already cast them not worthy? Do they feel the people who voted for a candidate they don’t like can’t be right?  What is happening to democracy?  I may not always agree with the outcome, but  the people are speaking.  Is anyone listening?  Is anyone trying to understand why the results are what they are- on either side?   While Bernie hasn’t fared as well lately, there’s certainly a ground swell where he’s concerned.  I don’t really need to say much about Donald Trump.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 4.58.01 PM

I read that between 50-60% of the eligible voters have used their right to vote in each election since 1960.  So 40-50% are choosing not to be involved.  From what some are saying publicly, if their candidate doesn’t win the primary they won’t vote at all.  That made me think rather than not vote at all, why not send a more powerful message than any of us could imagine?  If you don’t feel you can vote, and I encourage everyone to do so, why don’t you go to your polling place and write in a  vote for Jesus?

If there isn’t a candidate you feel you can really get behind, don’t stay home and do nothing.  Write Jesus on the ballot.  That would be Jesus Christ to make sure there is no confusion with regard to immigrant status.

Jesus Christ has more than proven His worthiness of your vote- He died for you on a cross. He gave His life so you could be saved.   Jesus took care of orphans and widows during his time on earth- repeatedly- and told us to do so as well. He forgave and forgives people from all walks of life for all types of sin.  He’s trustworthy and dependable.  He’s performed miracles that have been documented in history and passed down through the generations. He is always available for you and wants to engage in communication with you constantly.  Any fact checker would find out Jesus is truth.

In keeping with the times, you could say Jesus Christ is the star of a reality show–your reality show.  And everyone becomes a winner who comes to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

If you read this and think I’m trying to be funny or cute, I’m really  not.  I want you to cast your vote for the next President of our county. It’s your privilege and right. Americans have died in wars to allow this for us.  I’m just saying if you don’t think you can, still do something.   Make a statement.  Write in your vote for Jesus Christ.

If you think this idea is completely ridiculous, then I say get on your knees and pray. Ask for guidance to vote for the candidate who will do the job that Jesus wants him or her to do.  I completely trust in Jesus’ ability to lead our nation in this decision. Amen.



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  1. As you may or may not know…I feel there is a candidate who–while imperfect, unlike Jesus–represents many of the beliefs that Jesus showed us he values in his time on Earth. Whether or not, in our given government, he would be able to achieve all he desires, I do not know. But…I will give him my vote in hopes that we can find out.

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