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Dear Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump…


I write this letter as one small voice from the millions of people one of you will soon be providing leadership to and representing as our Commander In Chief. As the guardian over our country I want to know you understand your actions are impacting the world I live in and the things that I cherish most deeply on this earth: my faith, my family, and my freedom.  I am not alone in this thinking.  I am united with people all over this country and world.  We are depending on you for your best.

I have great concern. You have spent the past 365 days in relentless pursuit of something you cherish so highly that you would expose the worst in yourselves and one another.  Just when I think we have hit rock bottom, someone appears with a shovel to dig deeper. I want to believe you have chosen this grueling path for reasons other than personal power and gain.  I am not naive.  I am hopeful.

Sadly, so many in our country don’t want either of you to be President.  I guess it’s a little ridiculous to say you should both be ashamed of yourselves.  Neither of you have led exemplary lives.  Please use this as a turning point.  Show us you can be better.  And winner, don’t be smug.  You may be winning because people liked the other candidate less.

I will be praying over the next 24 hours for personal guidance, and for our country as a whole.  Unfortunately, I won’t be voting for the candidate I want in office.  I will cast my vote for the candidate I feel will cause the least damage and hurt the fewest people.

President Elect I pray you have an immediate change of heart–an awakening.  I pray you humble yourselves before the people of America and are filled with a heart of service to support and lead the millions of people in this nation.  Lives depend on it. Clean house of the people around you who are misguiding and misleading you. Prove to your country that you sincerely deserved the votes you received.  Leave a legacy in which your family, friends and our country can find pride.






I’m voting for Jesus

I’m voting for Jesus

This has been an amazing election season to be witness to.  No one could have anticipated the current results for either political party in the U.S.  This period of time is bound to be discussed and debated as a pivotal moment in modern politics.  And, I haven’t the foggiest idea who I will be voting for.

I’m not a hardcore Republican nor Democrat. Both sides have principals I believe in and both sides have ideas that go against my grain.  I took an online quiz, answered a bunch of questions, and learned that there were two candidates that  most closely matched my political points of view.  One was Democrat and the other Republican.

Influential people on the same side of a platform also aren’t in agreement with each other which tends to confuse me more.  As  I listen to commentary from both parties I find I’m still without a clear vision as to my candidate.

I’ve heard people who are passionate Americans say they just aren’t going to vote this time.  I’ve watched antics played out by MOST candidates running for office though it’s pretty clear the right side is a more interesting spectacle to watch than the left side.  At least for now.

I hear words that each candidate says and have to note those words are often misinterpreted by the press, the opposing party, opposing candidate, celebrities, political activists, associates and so on.  I’m constantly talking to my radio, tv screen or lap top saying, now wait a minute, I don’t think that’s exactly what person x,y or z said.  No one answers back, thankfully.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 5.12.46 PMI don’t know if there’s every been another time in history where the political process has been so divisive.  Of course, we weren’t around when the Declaration of Independence was drawn up- nor the Constitution.  Much to my high school history teacher’s dismay, I pretty much relate those moments to singing and dancing characters in the musical 1776- which may not have been too far from reality.  There were definitely people loved and hated at that time. Some went on to be our country’s President at a future point.

I find it ironic this process is  being managed in the media  like a reality t.v. show- since one of the candidates  was a reality t.v. star and gets criticized for that. I guess it’s more exciting for people to watch when the participants are making ludicrous accusations, creating volatile situations, and drama.  Will the media ever catch the candidates saying something that is positive in an effort to help us make our decisions? Sadly, American citizens have proven to love watching these theatrics and I can only imagine what is being said in the conference rooms of major media outlets like Fox TV and CNN in terms of talking about ways to spur it  on.  One of the candidates seemed to get it from the beginning.   The others finally caught up.

I’m struggling with the kingpins on the right trying to manipulate election results by deciding for themselves what is good for America.  Are the votes of the people who have already cast them not worthy? Do they feel the people who voted for a candidate they don’t like can’t be right?  What is happening to democracy?  I may not always agree with the outcome, but  the people are speaking.  Is anyone listening?  Is anyone trying to understand why the results are what they are- on either side?   While Bernie hasn’t fared as well lately, there’s certainly a ground swell where he’s concerned.  I don’t really need to say much about Donald Trump.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 4.58.01 PM

I read that between 50-60% of the eligible voters have used their right to vote in each election since 1960.  So 40-50% are choosing not to be involved.  From what some are saying publicly, if their candidate doesn’t win the primary they won’t vote at all.  That made me think rather than not vote at all, why not send a more powerful message than any of us could imagine?  If you don’t feel you can vote, and I encourage everyone to do so, why don’t you go to your polling place and write in a  vote for Jesus?

If there isn’t a candidate you feel you can really get behind, don’t stay home and do nothing.  Write Jesus on the ballot.  That would be Jesus Christ to make sure there is no confusion with regard to immigrant status.

Jesus Christ has more than proven His worthiness of your vote- He died for you on a cross. He gave His life so you could be saved.   Jesus took care of orphans and widows during his time on earth- repeatedly- and told us to do so as well. He forgave and forgives people from all walks of life for all types of sin.  He’s trustworthy and dependable.  He’s performed miracles that have been documented in history and passed down through the generations. He is always available for you and wants to engage in communication with you constantly.  Any fact checker would find out Jesus is truth.

In keeping with the times, you could say Jesus Christ is the star of a reality show–your reality show.  And everyone becomes a winner who comes to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

If you read this and think I’m trying to be funny or cute, I’m really  not.  I want you to cast your vote for the next President of our county. It’s your privilege and right. Americans have died in wars to allow this for us.  I’m just saying if you don’t think you can, still do something.   Make a statement.  Write in your vote for Jesus Christ.

If you think this idea is completely ridiculous, then I say get on your knees and pray. Ask for guidance to vote for the candidate who will do the job that Jesus wants him or her to do.  I completely trust in Jesus’ ability to lead our nation in this decision. Amen.



You Can Turn Water Into Wine

There has been a lot of discussion about refugees in the news of late and a dialog of fear often accompanies the conversation. There are dire situations around the world that result in people being displaced from their homeland due to wars, persecution or natural disasters.  This officially makes the people involved, refugees–in pursuit of refuge.  This can happen in a land far away or in your own community. It’s not new news, but it appears to be happening with greater frequency and is a popular topic.
We often think of refugees as foreigners- perhaps from the middle east. However, I find there are also local people who have become displaced  for any number of similar reasons- the spouse that raises a hand as a solution, the family whose home was struck by a tornado,  the couple living on the financial edge at the brink of disaster, the “outsider”
who isn’t like us in one way or another and their life is made a living hell.
Refugees are near and far.  Any fear we muster pales in comparison to what someone being displaced must feel.
When I grew up there were two young girls who joined our school mid-year.  They were from Cambodia.  Speaking absolutely no English they were integrated into my fourth grade class.  Thankfully they were fairly well accepted and we oblivious girls tried to make them feel welcome.  We had no idea about their nightmares,  or the devastating sights they must have seen in their homeland.  We rode our bikes, played with our dolls, ran outside for freeze tag and kick ball without a second thought.  Refugees were fairly unusual in our middle class, suburban neighborhood at the time.
In a completely different situation I recall two siblings temporarily staying with my family because their father was dealing with mental illness.  I remember driving down a busy avenue looking out the back window with fear their dad might come after us.  I couldn’t have imagined what was going on inside our friends.  I selfishly harbored a high level of anxiety -probably not thinking twice about how they must have felt.
Not too long ago a woman from Iran spoke in the church about the growing population of Christians in her homeland.  We saw images of hundreds of people being Baptized and heard amazing stories of people coming to know Jesus.  Talk about fear,  this woman’s  life is in constant danger.  She and her family have been imprisoned and threatened over what they are doing.  Yet, she has the passion and calling to continue with her efforts as a Christian converting Christians in a land of few Christians. Photos cannot be shown for her protection. Worth noting is the extreme danger she is under and the strength of her convictions.
Most are familiar with stories of families in World War II who hid persecuted men, women and children from the atrocities of Hitler and the Nazi regime.  The fear of being discovered and sent to a concentration camp- how could they face each day?  Underlying thoughts of fear and trepidation must have engulfed them.
While we, in our warm homes with stocked refrigerators, scan our tech devices for funny photos and celebrity tweets, have we considered the desperate situation that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people are facing each day?  It’s easy to forget the tent dwellers thousands of miles away as we cozy up to our memory foam mattress.
There’s another refugee story, from the middle east, involving a couple who needed a place to rest following a long journey.  The woman was going to have a child soon.  There wasn’t a great place for them to stay because there were already so many people in the area. I can’t say with certainty what their accommodations ended up being, but I have read that  the setting was not ideal.  After the baby was born he was placed in a feeding trough for horses and cattle.
Jesus Christ birth.jpg
The birth went well, but not too long after, the family had to uproot themselves and go from their homeland to a foreign land.   They had to hide from a horrible king whose mission was to find this particular baby and kill him.  The family became refugees. They somehow survived the journey to the far off land and maintained an existence there until they could safely return to their homeland. The baby was not harmed.
You might be familiar with this family too.  In fact, we just celebrated the occasion of their baby’s birth…Christmas.  The baby’s name was Jesus and he, along with Mary and Joseph, lived as refugees until they could be safe.
With all of these stories it becomes evident that, aside from having amazing perseverance and determination,  there were people who surrounded the victims to help them and provide as they could.  Though not every story has a happy ending, during the time of refuge these people were cared for.  I imagine the love shown through small gestures to the refugees was worth more to them than the effect that any amount of money could provide.
When I look at today’s refugee crises around the world I ask what can be done to help?  What better place to look than the Bible?  There are stories of refugees from just about the beginning of time.  We are given clear direction on how to care for them.
Feed the hungry,
Give drink to the thirsty,
Provide rooms for the homeless,
Offer clothing for warmth,
Visit the sick and imprisoned.
Every time you do this for one of Jesus’ children, and we are all Jesus’ children, it is like you are doing it for him.  I don’t want to carry that burden because it’s simply not the right thing to do.
Without regard to where you stand politically, we are called to take care of all people. Politics get in the way and delay taking action.  The week I heard the Iranian woman share her journey to Christianity the following was said:
People who think do not change the world.
People who act change the world.
People who think and act change the world forever.
When you do what Jesus tells you to do, water will turn to wine.
Write a check, provide food, purchase or donate clothing, make yourself available, extend a welcome, cook a meal, say hello or offer a smile.  Help turn water into wine.
There are many organizations who provide aid to refugees.  One that I put my trust in is Lutheran World Relief  –  http://lwr.org/

Europe and the Syrian Refugee & Migrant Crisis

Wellwishers offer warm clothing to Syrians after they arrived on a train from Budapest's Keleti station at the railway station of the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, early morning September 6, 2015.
Photo: REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach, courtesy of Trust.org


AS THE CIVIL WAR IN SYRIA CONTINUES, the number of civilian casualties, internally displaced people and refugees continues to grow. According to UNHCR, 11.6 million people are in need of assistance, 7.6 million people are displaced within Syria and over 3.9 million have taken refuge in neighboring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and countries in North Africa.

LWR’s Response

  • Supporting ACT Alliance members in providing humanitarian support. ACT members are providing hygiene items, winter coats and blankets, emergency shelter and psychosocial support in Hungary, Serbia and Greece.
  • We are in contact with the ACT Alliance to determine additional needs on the ground. We will continue to channel our support to the refugee crisis through the ACT Alliance to ensure a well-coordinated response.
  • Lutheran World Relief is shipping Mission Quilts, Baby Care Kits and Personal Care Kits to Serbia to distribute to refugees and migrants. Since October 2012, LWR has provided $7.05 MILLION in assistance to Syrian refugees, reaching more than 235,912 BENEFICIARIES.


  • Give to the Crisis in Syria fund. Your cash donations will support the response of our partners in the ACT Alliance.
  • Make Quilts and Kits. Donating Quilts and Kits helps ensure we have an adequate supply to send around the world to partners who request them, as well as in response to emergencies.
  • Pray for the people affected by this crisis and the humanitarian aid staff working to reach them.

Prayer Thoughts


Prayer Thoughts- shared from the LCC devotional blog noted at bottom

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalms 46:10

Give God your whispering thoughts. Throughout the centuries, Christians have learned the value of brief sentence prayers. These Give God your whispering thoughts. These are prayers that can be whispered anywhere, in any setting. Frank Laubach sought unbroken communion with God by asking Him questions. Every two or three minutes he would pray, ‘Am I in your will, Lord? Am I pleasing you, Lord?’ Imagine considering every moment as a potential time of communion with God. By the time your life is over, you will have spent six months at traffic lights, eight months opening junk mail, a year and a half looking for lost stuff, and a whopping five years standing waiting in various lines. Why don’t you give these moments to God? By giving Him your whispering thoughts, the common becomes uncommon. Simple phrases such as ‘Thank You, Father,’ or ‘I stand on Your Word,’ or ‘My desire is to please You,’ can turn a commute into a pilgrimage. You needn’t leave your office or kneel in your kitchen. Just pray where you are. Let the kitchen become a cathedral and the classroom a chapel. Give God your waning thoughts. At the end of the day, let your mind settle on Him. Conclude the day as you began it—talking to God. Thank Him for the good parts. Question Him about the hard parts. Seek His mercy. Seek His strength. As you close your eyes, take assurance in the promise, ‘He who watches over [you] will neither slumber nor sleep’ (Psalms 121:4). If you fall asleep as you pray, don’t worry. What better place to doze off than in the arms of your Father?






I was taking my usual early morning trek with the furry beast, as I like to call her.  I relished in the crispness of the air, the Crayola-blue sky and the silence of a Sunday morning where most people are still tucked under the covers working through their last REM cycle. I wanted to be one of those people too, but it was not to happen.  Slightly bundled up I trotted out the door and turned on an inspirational morning program I like to listen to.

Today’s topic: forgiveness.  A great reference was verbalized and I wanted to keep track of it for future use.  I love Notes in my cell phone.  However, my skills of walking and typing at the same time have not been fine-tuned. I typically wouldn’t even try it in motion, and especially not with dog in tow.  However, since the rest of the world was asleep, it was pretty certain I would be safe keeping my head down as I focused typing with the one finger I had available as the balance kept the phone in place.

I wrote down the referenced author’s name  (auto-correct had fun with that so it took a few tries) and then I tried to write down the subject word, forgiveness.  Except, the word came out forgive-mess.  Instantly I thought how much more appropriate that term might be in my life than the original word.  “Forgive me my mess as I forgive others who make messes and mess me up.”  

I can relate to a mess.  I see the messes I make every day.  My desk at work- it’s a mess.  Dishes filling the sink-messy.  Sorting through my receipts from a business trip- big mess.  I constantly live in messes by the fact I’m much more of a “piler upper” than a “put-awayer”.  

As I look around me and see my mess here and there, or I analyze my life and say it’s a mess, it’s so obvious what I mean. That’s not to say I don’t understand “debts” or “sins”.  I clearly do.  However, either word is made so much clearer to me when characterized by the messes I make in my life.  I can’t always see the toll my sins have taken on others around me, but I sure can relate to seeing mess in someone’s life.  Situations have occurred where I’ve blurted out, “I made a mess of this.”  That mess is probably my sin. 

So when I take a step back and want to talk to God about my sins I guess I can start with the messes around me.  Suddenly, and unfortunately, those sins will likely be more clear.  That’s the good, bad and ugly of the mess I make in my life and the mess others make with theirs.  

Let me take this moment to say if I have done anything to assist in creating a mess in your life, I’m sorry and sincerely wish for your forgive-mess .  Forgive-mess is hard…it’s…well, messy.  It’s what we need to do for so many reasons.  It helps to have a reminder from time to time so here’s the excerpt that started this day’s writing.  

Sometimes when you say a word like forgiveness, we think it is nice and sweet, like spraying perfume, but forgiveness isn’t like that. It’s hard; it’s tough. It is one of the hardest things we ever have to do. As I thought about it, I realized that even when you forgive someone it is easy to still hurt, to still feel the sting. In a real sense, forgiveness just ain’t fair. 

Many of us pray every day, “Forgive us as we forgive others.” It’s at the core of our religion, and yet it is not fair. It hurts. It is not easy to do. Why would God want us to do something that is so unlike what our instinct is, that is so unfair? 

In the final analysis, forgiveness is an act of faith. It is the belief that God can take care of the fairness problems. It is not fair just to pretend that something didn’t happen. It did happen. It still hurts. It still stings. Forgiveness is not fair, but forgiveness is a way of taking that burden from us and giving it to God Who is fair. “I will avenge,” says the Lord. You forgive. It breaks the cycle of relationships. It breaks the stranglehold on you and on me and it is what God did for us in His Son Jesus on the cross.  (Philip Yancey)

Hey, let’s get these messes cleaned up here!


Circle Warriors


ImageThere are times when my heart just aches for the pains of those special people in my life whom I love so deeply.  It hurts to hear someone has cancer, loses a job or a loved one, has trouble dealing with an aging parent or child with special needs, broke up with their significant other, didn’t get some opportunity they were hoping for, is blasted by a health problem that will impact their life forever.   What do you say?  How do you express that you are twisted inside for them without taking the focus off their needs?  How do you say I want to ask God, too, why this happened?  I want to run and scream and kick and yell about it all.  It’s not fair.  

If I had to visualize myself and the ones dearest to me I would say we move about in circular formation.  Someone is always in the center and the rest are encircled around.  Everyone, unintentionally, gets a turn in different positions.  Sometimes it can be for happy events.  Other times we are at the other end of the spectrum.

We all, hopefully, have a handful of people who weave their arms together when it’s our turn for the middle position saying we are here to love you and protect you.  We want  to celebrate you.  We will help you stay safe. We’ve walked on similar ground -learn from my experience.

These people float in and out of position depending on the season.  Everyone gets their chance at being in the middle- needing the love and assurance.  To me it’s like that wonderful feeling of standing at the end of a platform with a dozen people on the ground telling you to trust them, and when you fall back they actually catch you.  But we don’t need a dozen people.  We need the ones God designed to walk in and out of lives at different times who will be strong enough to catch us know matter where they are or how many.

Six months or so ago I was in the center of the circle with my pains and problems and one day I reached out to three or four people and I asked them to pray for me.  I was never in the habit of asking for much help, let alone asking for prayer.  Unfortunately,  as I was getting close to the last straw and had exhausted everything else- it was time to ask for help in prayer.  Had I been wiser it would have been prayer first.

All of my pray-ers were warriors.  Then I had this vision and it dawned on my between the relatives who cared so deeply and my dear, dear friends I was encircled by powerful love that felt it could overcome anything.  Each warrior had their unique way of helping me  and it built a force around me of protection.  Of strength.  Of hope.  

It didn’t take away my pain immediately, but it made me stronger.  I learned from these very wise people.  I heard their challenges and saw their outcomes.  I was capable of moving forward.  My situation was not going to stay the same forever.  There was going to be a way out.

I don’t know if God works this way, but maybe for that day, when I felt so encircled by warmth God sent me His angels as these loved ones whom I trusted and cared for so deeply.

The circle is never ending as you know.  Sometimes you are inside the circle, being hovered over allowing people to surround you with love, caring, prayers, and their wisdom.  In this position, open your heart let their spirit in- and let His Spirit in to change you and give you the peace you can’t find on your own.

When it’s time for you to be a warrior come with non-judgmental love, wisdom, listening ears, tears of sympathy, touch.  Hold tightly to and with the others around the circle as each one of you brings a unique gift to the one in the middle.  Your arms woven together are strong.

We flow in and out of position in our circle.  Some circles are small and some are large.  Each member has a role at different times based on the gifts from God.  Importantly, when you are in the middle don’t rush to be on the edge of the circle.  Let time heal and allow yourself to be loved and prayed for.  Let your pains, hurt and anger leave your inner core like smoke escaping from a burning fire.  It doesn’t have to be fast.  You need some of that to help you work through it all.  

Circles are made of people from all walks of life.  Sometimes the members of the circle are only there for a short time.  Sometimes it’s a lifetime.  Cherish them all and let them in.  Mostly, remember that when your circle takes a rest and puts their heads down on their pillows at night there is one member who is vigilant and awake at all times.  He is God and He loves you.

Root Canal…say what?


My anxiety level has already been fluctuating with recent changes in my life.  For about six months now, and probably longer, every day has seemed to bring some new change.  In my life the earliest changes seemed to be based around negative events occurring around me.  I’m on the downside of that hill now, but the plan for addressing those changes has turned out to be nothing I expected- even though it’s good.  Good or bad the anxiety in my body is in a fury like a host of gnats swarming around on a hot summer night.

I start to have some tooth pain a few days ago.  I’m thinking it’s possibly something stuck in my tooth and I floss to no avail.  Hot beverages are killing me.  It’s getting worse.  After the third day, when no amount of Aleeve is effective, I decide it’s time for a visit to the dentist.  Long story short, the dentist sends me to a root canal specialist…WHAT?  Whoa, the anxiety is getting good and primed now.

I visit the specialist the same day and after an initial X-Ray I’m told they will numb me up and the procedure will take about an hour.  Another…WHAT?  I think the good side of this is that I had no time to think about what was actually going to happen.  I asked the doctor if I should be scared right now.  Of course he said no.

I had been reading about what a root canal was while I was in the waiting room.  I was armed with just enough information to determine I was in a bad spot and should be running completely in the opposite direction.   Out come the needles to numb my gum.  Hmmmm, that really didn’t hurt at all.  The numbing proceeds and the assistant tells me about this device he needs to put over my mouth.  He likens it to a drop cloth that will collect debris so that the the tooth stays dry in the procedure.  Putting the device on was actually the worst part.

It didn’t hurt at all, but having this latex cloth lay over my mouth, even though I could breath, sent my heart rate sky rocketing.  Now I was nervous.  I knew I could still breath.  I was breathing.  It was obvious I was getting oxygen, but my mind took over and told me I should start to panic. 

As I was numbing I sat up in the chair and I told the assistant I couldn’t swallow.  I was becoming afraid.  Half the fear was that I wasn’t going to be able to handle the procedure and the other half was that I knew I had to handle the procedure.  The anxiety was building.

The assistant was talking me through how to swallow and talking to me in a very calm tone of voice.  And then I did the only thing I knew that could help me at that moment.  I started to pray the Lord’s Prayer.  To some that may sound ridiculous, but in that moment I felt I had a direct line to God and I needed His 911 assistance immediately.

The doctor came in and started the procedure.  I kept my eyes closed and I rapidly started, Our Father who art in heaven….I got the end really quick.  I needed to say it again.  This time a little more slowly.  And, again.  Slower.   And one last time for good measure- the peace started coming.  I was going to make it through the procedure.  

It was long and annoying but it was not painful.  Even when everything wore off that desensitized my mouth it was o.k.  I expected much worse.  

After I got through my prayers I started wondering what people do who don’t have a relationship with God.  I didn’t mean to use the Lord’s Prayer as some sort of rabbit’s foot; I knew that God was there with me and would be my rock no matter what was going to come.  There is definitely merit to saying some sort of meditative verse when you are in panic mode.  However, nothing can be as serene as speaking to the Creator of heaven and earth and all the beauty and wonder that surrounds us.  That Guy is powerful!  I was in relationship with the most awe-some presence the world will ever know.  There was a peace that passed over my human understanding.

I was definitely going into panic mode when I heard the words, root canal.  It was worse when I had that drop cloth laying over my mouth.  Just as my mind was working me up for fight or flight (and believe me flight was my priority) I was combatting those feelings with faith.  It was all I had at that moment.  It was going to be faith or fear.

What does someone do who can’t run to God in their time of need?  I can’t imagine.  I have always felt that anxiety was really the devil just trying to push his way into my life.  He has succeeded from time to time.   But I don’t want the devil to win.  God is the super-hero and I want him to be in control.

Saying the Lord’s Prayer didn’t change my circumstance.  It eased my mind and quieted the unrealistic feelings I was building.  I guess there are other means to accomplish that, but why?  Why not go to the source?  Why not talk to the power responsible for every beautiful flower that grows on this earth, who has tailored the blades of grass to be the plush carpet our children can run on in the summer, to the one who put people in place to invent chocolate, good wine and cheese? 

I don’t know about you, but when there is a person standing over my body with a super sonic rotating tool in his hand about the drill in my mouth I want the Best.  He didn’t take away my trouble, but He brought me through it.

The bad news?  I have to go back again to get the job finished.  Maybe this time I’ll say the Lord’s Prayer twice out of fear and twice out of joy of knowing my God is an awesome God.  Maybe I’ll be in a place where I can pray with thanksgiving.

Matthew 6:9

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread.  And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.