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Dear Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump…


I write this letter as one small voice from the millions of people one of you will soon be providing leadership to and representing as our Commander In Chief. As the guardian over our country I want to know you understand your actions are impacting the world I live in and the things that I cherish most deeply on this earth: my faith, my family, and my freedom.  I am not alone in this thinking.  I am united with people all over this country and world.  We are depending on you for your best.

I have great concern. You have spent the past 365 days in relentless pursuit of something you cherish so highly that you would expose the worst in yourselves and one another.  Just when I think we have hit rock bottom, someone appears with a shovel to dig deeper. I want to believe you have chosen this grueling path for reasons other than personal power and gain.  I am not naive.  I am hopeful.

Sadly, so many in our country don’t want either of you to be President.  I guess it’s a little ridiculous to say you should both be ashamed of yourselves.  Neither of you have led exemplary lives.  Please use this as a turning point.  Show us you can be better.  And winner, don’t be smug.  You may be winning because people liked the other candidate less.

I will be praying over the next 24 hours for personal guidance, and for our country as a whole.  Unfortunately, I won’t be voting for the candidate I want in office.  I will cast my vote for the candidate I feel will cause the least damage and hurt the fewest people.

President Elect I pray you have an immediate change of heart–an awakening.  I pray you humble yourselves before the people of America and are filled with a heart of service to support and lead the millions of people in this nation.  Lives depend on it. Clean house of the people around you who are misguiding and misleading you. Prove to your country that you sincerely deserved the votes you received.  Leave a legacy in which your family, friends and our country can find pride.